Savings & Guidelines from Master Woodworkers


Woodworking Tricks The Pros Use

Find Out Master Woodworkers’ Secrets.


You can do any assignment quickly and well if you use the shortcuts in “20 Brilliant Tricks.”


It gives you the instructions you need to build 10 projects in one day without using fancy tools or a big workshop.


Many of these techniques were picked up from experts in the field or from Ted Mcgrath’s 25 years of expertise.


What’s the best part, you ask?


These are better ways to do something you may have already done a hundred times. They are easy, clever, and direct.


No matter if you are a skilled carpenter or are just starting to set up your workshop, there are techniques that will make it simple and uncomplicated to work with wood.

Here's a preview of what you'll find in my manual:

The Triangle Method: the most effective way to arrange wood for speedy woodworking and a 50% reduction in planning time.


The quick and easy method of marking cut lines to save time—an excellent habit to form!


Without measuring instruments, there’s a quick way to mark straight lines on dowels.


Using the “Story Stick” Method will help you reduce the number of times you have to take measurements.


Why a drill press is not necessary Discover a clever technique to drill holes that are straight every time.


The most common error you can make while using glue on your projects is this is a straightforward “drill bit hack” that consistently produces flawless holes. (The flaw that every manufacturer should address but never does.)


With this clever jig, which costs less than $1, you can clamp any angle.


And plenty more tips and tricks!