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The Ultimate Pricing Guide For Woodworkers (2)


One experienced woodworker shows you how to price and place your work so that you can double, triple, or even quadruple your income.

From miniature creations to substantial furniture, cabinets, and more… beginning today!

The Keys to Profits are Pricing and Positioning!


When you first used a band saw or a sliding T-level, you probably weren’t considering how much you should charge for the finished item.


You started carving wood into lovely, useful things just for enjoyment, right?


And when you first started, you had to wing it when it came to product pricing.


But if your objective is to truly earn from your work, price and positioning will determine if you develop a steady, sizable revenue stream.


… or simply continue engaging in an “expensive hobby.”


Now, you’re not alone if you feel entirely uninformed about pricing. More than 90% of woodworkers worldwide have no concept of how to position their goods to appeal to customers using pricing and value!

And you wind up hearing stuff like... when you are unable to confidently identify (and defend) your optimal pricing.

  • “Why is the cost so expensive? You must not have needed much time to arrive.
  • “Last week I spotted something similar at Costco for half the price!”
  • “My brother knows a man who engages in such behavior. I believe his costs are far less than yours.
  • “You couldn’t have bought materials for that much money!”
  • “I’ll come back to buy it if I can’t find something similar for less online.”

Do you think it’s not the most uplifting thing to hear?

When they have to pay for it, they adore your work.

In actuality, some individuals believe that woodworkers should just “give” all of their time, talents, and labor. Well, this individual loves what they do, so they shouldn’t be charging too much for their time, they would say.

One of the biggest challenges: Pricing