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TED’S WOODWORKING is the largest database of woodworking projects in the world.


If you are a woodworker, you may have found that it can be very difficult to locate the necessary comprehensive plans to make some unique projects to meet specific needs. Fortunately for you, these and other concerns shouldn’t disturb you, despite the fact that they are among the most common problems that woodworkers today deal with.


Ted Mcgrath is a certified master carpenter who also writes, teaches, and runs websites. He offers more than 16,000 blueprints for woodworking projects with comprehensive instructions on

What, then, is the goal of Ted's Woodworking?

Building complicated projects—or even simple ones—to meet specific requirements may be incredibly difficult, even for seasoned woodworkers, especially in the absence of a clear strategy. Furthermore, the bulk of “step-by-step” instructions found online and in magazines make some tasks more difficult than they need to be.

This is because the designs can occasionally be too vague or the instructions omit crucial information in the belief that you already have enough expertise to understand what to do.

Furthermore, such tactics usually lack the necessary data. For instance, some people don’t provide photographs or their photographs don’t match what they are stating. Some even do away with the cut sheets, forcing you to “guess” what the components are.

Ted Mcgrath spent more than 25 years figuring out solutions to these problems. He gathered a sizable collection of woodworking blueprints. Woodworkers can find solutions to a variety of problems on his website,, notably those related to choosing the finest designs for particular projects. On the website, there are detailed plans for over 16, 000 projects. Each plan provides a step-by-step blueprint to make it simple, quick, and beautiful for you to construct high-quality woodworking objects.

Who is Ted's Woodworking useful for?

If you’re a woodworker wanting to start building your dream projects or if you want a selection of designs for different special projects, has all the plans you need. Both novice and seasoned woodworkers can benefit from the website’s helpful guidance.

Reasons why you should read this:

When a customer demands a personalized item, for example, you may be handed a challenging project to accomplish. Without a defined plan, it may be very difficult to produce such projects quickly and meet your customers’ expectations.


TedsWoodworking is beneficial since it provides a variety of plans with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions.


You will learn new viewpoints and different finishing methods even if you don’t have pricey equipment or a huge woodworking facility. Given the range of tasks and thorough designs that are offered on the website, you are also no longer required to spend days or months looking for someone to accomplish a job for you. You can accomplish even the most challenging tasks.

Few things the site has to offer:

  • Each plan includes straightforward, “step-by-step” instructions that will make it easier for you to complete your projects quickly.
  • Materials and cut lists ensure you get the right materials and make the right cuts. This allows you to save a ton of money.
  • You get detailed, colorful, and easily understood diagrams. Because you won’t have to rely on guesswork, you’ll be able to complete your assignments as quickly as possible because you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • The plans provide you with a 360-degree perspective. Before you start building, what should be there will be demonstrated to you. For your safety, every joint, angle, and corner has been meticulously detailed.
  • There are almost 16,000 different plan listings. Monthly new plans will also be available to you free of charge.

The plans provide coverage for all knowledge and competency levels. You don’t need expensive tools or to be an expert woodworker to use the designs.


No matter how good you are with hand tools (professional, hobbyist, or beginner), you can find a wide range of jobs that suit you.

What You Won’t Like about Ted's Woodworking?

Although Ted’s Woodworking provides many benefits, there are some disadvantages as well. This download takes a while because it contains thousands of plans, especially if your internet connection is slow.


However, this advantage can be lost if you choose to get Ted’s Woodworking on a DVD. Each tactic will be available on a portable DVD. You won’t have to wait in front of your computer while the pack downloads, which will save you time.


However, you will have to wait a few days for delivery if you select the DVD format. Additionally, it is a challenging task to coordinate all 16,000 plans. You must utilize the search function in order to find the plan you’re looking for.

Why Ted's Woodworking is advantageous?

It will be incredibly expensive if you decide to buy each of the 16,000 plans separately. But due to a limited launch, Ted is only charging $67 for everything.


Thousands of woodworkers are using his ideas to create wonderful objects out of wood. It’s now your turn to contribute.