Discover 1,000 Hours of Step-By-Step Woodworking Videos

Basic Woodworking



1,000 hours of step-by-step woodworking videos are available. The Wet Dream of the Woodworker. ‘High-End’ Furniture That Is Perfect for Your House


A standing drinking fountain for your backyard is also available, along with bar stools, coffee tables, benches, store signs, cigar boxes, picnic tables, racks, TV cabinets, desks, rocking chairs, cot racks, and mailboxes.


You’ll find all of them in “Woodwork101,” backed by thorough HD step-by-step video tutorials and in-depth photos that will lead you step-by-step to your ideal build.


Decorate to Impress with Special Home Accents.


One of the decorative objects inside is a wine bottle holder.


Additionally, Woodwork101 offers HD videos on how to make cutting boards, beautiful bowls, triptych mirrors, and luxury jewelry boxes for that special someone, as well as customized picture and mirror frames.

A Snippet of What You'll Find in Woodwork101:

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

You'll get more than 1000 hours of step-by-step HD videos (from all angles) that will walk you through the whole process and turn even a complete beginner into a master artisan from the first time you build something. And you won't have to again be concerned about inaccurate measurements, poor blueprints, or inadequate directions!

Extensive 3D and 2D Schematics

Each project comes with comprehensive 3D and 2D schematics and blueprints, so you can create everything practically automatically with no offcuts and waste, leaving only sawdust on the floor. We recognize that great schematics are just as important as watching someone actually build it.

List of Materials, Tools, and Parts

The same adversaries plague both seasoned woodworkers and novices: overspending on supplies they don't actually need and making that dreadful second trip to the store. With Woodwork101, you'll have everything you need right away because each project starts with a detailed inventory of the parts, equipment, and supplies you'll need.

Walkthrough Sunbed

Walkthrough Two-Door Cabinet